August 6, 2018

Paranormal activity in the Johnson's house. The disappearance of the official Sánchez / SEP 25 1989

On Monday, September 25, 1989, Los Santos police officer disappeared strangely. That night, the police officer was in the neighborhood, at 00:45 p.m. received a call for help from an unknown woman. The call to auxio was from Grove Street. The video shows Officer Sanches arriving at Johnson's house. The policeman was carrying a portable video camera. The video shows the moments that the Sanches officer lived that night of Monday, September 25.
 The authorities and the police investigation have not been able to clarify this fatal event. After the hours more police arrived and entered the house of the Johnson.
 They only found the police car, inside the house they found the shotgun and the portable video camera. No trace found of Officer Sanches.
 Sanchez's radio call to the police department he had notified is confusing, he reported the call for help from the woman on Grove Street, the 911 operators never had a call from that woman. Who would call Sanchez on the radio? Could it have been a call from beyond? The call of auxio of the woman does not appear in the registers, all this is very strange.
Officer Sánchez promoted to rank in 1986.
The video camera with which Sánchez recorded those moments of terror

Another strange case that happened years later in 1992 was that of Kokoro, an 18-year-old student. On Thursday, June 11, 1992 she lived a paranormal experience at the home of the Johnsons, Kokoro managed to record with her video camera and lived to tell the story.

Here the video of Sanchez's filming is the only evidence of that tragic night of September 25, 1989.

August 4, 2018

Kokoro's Report: Paranormal activity at the Johnson's house, June 11 1992

Kokoro report
On Thursday, June 11, Kokoro with his video camera filmed paranormal activity at Johnson's house.
Recorded on VHS.

House of the Johnsons in the 90s
House of the Johnsons in the 70s

It is not known exactly what is the date of construction of the Johnson's house.
we do not know how many families or generations have lived, we have a high degree of reports of anomalies registered in this home.

 Testimony of Kokoro:
Date: June 11, 1992
Time: 11:58 PM

"On Thursday, June 11, I was in Grove Street, in the home Johnson's , everything started at 11:00 at night.
I started listening to some strange sounds in the rooms of the house, at 11:58 I decided to take my camera and started filming on video of what happened, strange sounds and knocks on the doors, it is something I will never forget "

 Photograph taken by a guest at the Johnson's house in 1987, it is not known if in the background the shadow is a ghost or a defect of the photographer
Here the Kokoro filming:

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July 30, 2018

Kokoro V2 updated version for PC (celebrating more than 30,000 downloads for the Android version!)

Today I celebrate the more than 30,000 downloads of Skin mod: Kokoro V2
(Android version) uploaded on 03.02.2018 on the website
To all the people who have taken their time to download the Skin, THANK YOU!  :)

Kokoro V2 updated version for PC

Kokoro V2 version for Android (30,000+ Downloads)